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its action upon the temperature is noted at the the end of twenty-four to
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medicines. The " National Medical Dictionary " says : " A
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The writer has collected in all some thirty-four cases of tetanus of
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In the early spring Dr. Berns became greatly interested in
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in a woman in the eighth month of pregnancy. Some time after an attack
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after the throat was clear ; in three, three days after, and in one, four
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pledget of absorbent cotton around the roughened end of a thin, stiflf
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the Meat Inspection on Dec. i, 1906, exclusive of clerks neces-
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which renders available to physicians throughout the city the bacterio-
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and equipment in course of development, will probably experi-
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stone, and at this place there seemed to have been a firm union, while
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come from the external surroundings ; they can be easily iso-
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cretion enables the absorption of oxygen in the lungs by the
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tify the heavy expenditures incurred , therefore, be it
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hospital before commencing attendance on patients at their own homes; but
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is obtained, and pain is not caused if the bladder is not distended. A warmed
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4. The presence of convulsivant substances in the urine of convulsive
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those animals had been condemned, and some of them shot,
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Government. This was well illustrated during the Civil War,
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followed, the diet consisting of milk, eggs, and soups. He concludes :
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tempered with reflection on their own methods. Sir Frederick
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limited to four mares ; at 4 years the number to be received was
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side. The appearance of the face is suggestive tif xerodermia
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Dr. Bayer, of Brussels, at the third annual meeting of the Laryngologists
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tional disturbances to interfere with the pododerm and neigh-
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Chapter VI., on Air, contains many ideas not in accord with sci-
phenergan vc with codeine dosage
affected than through the milk, as the most diligent search
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doubt for a moment the absolute correctness of the statement, but the
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One animal was up and eating in ten minutes from the time
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work of the veterinarians. One discovery by a Danish veteri-
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coming assistant chief. The effect upon the morale of the
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the avoidance of the hydrocarbons, then total abstinence from sugar, all


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