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ing apparatus for casting, the place was well adapted for clinic
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physiological experiment upon the cortex of the brain, although, as will
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around tube; patient swallows at times bread with butter; weight 135
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should only be indulged once a day and after meals, particularly
promethazine and codeine cough syrup
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cough, rough coat and dry, harsh skin ; continual bloating, loud
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areas and presenting the same characteristics as those seen in the cor-
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expressive of the great work at Washington of former President
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discharge ran over the cheek. The cornea was torn ; it had
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Epizootic lymphangitis is amenable to treatment. In Manila
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Thin® traced sixty cases of leprosy in Parcent, where the disease did not
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J. E. Smith, P. I, Johnson, D. P. Webster, J. H. Taylor, N. N.
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The specific cause of glanders is now known to be Bacter-
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material than were ever gathered together in a single volume in
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sion bands grew with the uterine enlargement and shortened again as it
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and will prove valuable to the most experienced reader.
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three types of table. He further says : " Once the animal is
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suspected animal and it is sold to the companies as suspected.
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Findlay, Camden ; R. Perkins, Warsaw ; Wm. H. Kelly, Al-
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surgical treatment in the cases in question. For my own part, I
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Note I. — In the course of three years, about 3,000 inocula-
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" * Tenure of office. The veterinarian is to be on the same
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wrath of the people showed that though cleanly ideals were
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From this it is shown that bovines can be experimentally-
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nothing of what is ordinarily called tare, wrappings, cans, boxes
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most of them in practice and in surgical achievements. These


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