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After an hour's journey on the Erie with its soft coal and

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tongue, while in many places there is evidence of a lack of sci-

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power over the peripheral circulation appears to restore these vessels to

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Switzerland. Neither with criminals, nor with paupers, siiould

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pared paper by Dr. W. H. Dalrymple, of Louisiana ; and it won

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more satisfactory if the collectors of the above facts had, at the same

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down to a cord hung only three days, and this is the strongest

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addition to the many desirable results, a molasses diet reduces

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1847. Simpson drew attention to the anaesthetic properties of

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life. This is made possible by coming in contact with the con-

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try that is granted to him in every other first-class military

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justified expectations. Yet the reports concerning their value

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ard Pearson, the University of Pennsylvania gets 1250,000 to-

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1) report two successful cases, and add a list of fifty-five others by various

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pressure may be present and completely overlooked from this

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distal third, where it was dilated into a cyst, the abdominal ostium

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maintained that the essential change in arterio-sclerosis may be termed

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Williams {Boston Med. and Surg. Journal, vol. cxxxi.. No. 14, p. 340) has

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practitioners, how many of these have since died, retired or re-

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lations as regards contacts in these diseases they would greatly

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dilated. The motor activity was obviously enfeebled. The urine contained

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the U. S. Army and the Military Veterinarian " will place the

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ton who were his counsellors. Among these were Dr. A. D.

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desired to have the eye removed. The animal was chloroformed

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ing monkeys more severely with bovine than with human

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in the membranous canals act on the crista- and cupula-, and the

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three times as large as the first can be easily put in after about eight

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horse No. 2, one hundred and two pounds. Both of these

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ful bacteriological examination, as were also about two hundred dysenteric

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*' postiers," the draught-horses, represented by the Ardennais,

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No tympanites. Stimulation. Patient did not rally, however. She

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Abbott and Park, that a bacillus in no way distinguishable from the

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tion is made much more strict. Animals may be condemned for


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