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cells of the whole thickness of the media are hyaline, have lost their

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characteristic features were in evidence. The diagnosis of the

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have developed a case of rabies. I believe a dog can be affected

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Von Frey ( Wiener klin. Wochenschr., 1894, No. 3) in an interesting article

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for the presence of adrenalin than the blood-pressure method, it

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however, be scrutinised \dth great care before they can be endorsed

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greater would l>e the jiroportion of our descendants who would

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as the left, covered with dense adhesions, was quite hard in consistence,

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prophylaxis is answered thus far by a proper proportion of food, rest,

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period of observation there was no enlargement of the spleen, no external

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present ; but the more particular examination led me to be-

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Below the area of cellular infiltration described in the endocardium,

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exercise is favorably indicated in all cases where it does not injure. One

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tions ; left tinct. gentianse comp. et strychnia to be given

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" I appeal to every loyal member of this Association, with

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changes found in the organs of eclamptic patients post-mortem are not

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sutures are now tied each with its fellow on the same side of the incision.

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Macroscopic Examination of Specimens. The specimens consisted of the

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position that they are suffering from intracranial inflammatory affec-

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tinued for about one week before his death. I, myself, had not charge

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" Dr. Melvin's elevation to the head of the service made

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the left side, without moving, in a most marked comatose con-

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I told them that I did not want to scare them unnecessarily,

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cells which later become sympathetic ganghon cells, the relation

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premature delivery in the early weeks of the ninth month, or wait the end

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horse on the raising device, and lowers the patient six inches,

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and it became apparent that Caulton Reeks' doctrine was gain-

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branes of the middle ear had been destroyed, the petrous bone

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of the cure. In the writer's experience, the curative effects of abdominal

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conditions, believes that, owing to its contained lactic acid, it possesses a

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septum one-half inch. This particular case did not yield to

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