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horses, two of which constituted a team of about 2800 pounds

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should be interrupted, either to resume it later, or else to try some other

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Medicine. Meikle, Edin. Med. Journ., December t>)ob. Mill.iitl Ti.imac-

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thinks that "it requires hereditary tendency for infection." Ross'

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Department will be through the examination provided by the

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but, besides, it seems as if it can cure beginning alterations of

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Advantages afforded Veterinarians by the Military Service :

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Bakewell,* commenting on the treatment of Beauperthuy, considers

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by the game, the investigation of which must be relegated to the psy-

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can to-day be cured of rabies, there is no reason why in the

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present. These were not diphtheritic. The only test is the bacterio-

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diagnosis in suspected cases of diphtheria reported in this paper were made by Dr. Park in

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applicant's ability to manage scientifically a case of midwifery. The

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however, the urethra is ruptured behind the triangular ligament in cases of

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find that he gets the advantages of Lane's method without the

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most marked in the distal third ; chronic fibroid tuberculosis of a greatly

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suffering from the bites of rabid animals, by beginning with material

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advises operation in cases where there has been no open wound or fracture

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but a second thought prompted me to try arecoline first. I

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in succession to Dr. Salmon as Chief of the Bureau of Animal

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preceded by some sensation, such as of a prick, of cold, of tickling, etc. The

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proved that the high-pressure pulse of arterio sclerosis is due usually

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she had been given suppositories, hquorice powder, cascara, large

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cultures were taken from the trachea, bronchi and lung tissue,

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death, which occurred ten days after the operation. The autopsy was

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been the subject of careful observations, which will bring valu-


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