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case, some of the mucus was collected in a sterile test tube and

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the suprarenal glands, being very highly si)ecialise<l, might possibly

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greater part, our purpose has been to corroborate the method

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hands have a waxy, smooth appearance ; the skin feels very hard,

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had seen a faecal ulcer from long-continued constipation produce a

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acid or creolin, in oil, to the scrotum afterwards.

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done by a single syphilitic woman, this observer stating that one case

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morphia for sleeplessness and pain in the back. The bulky liver, which

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ever, essentially a chemical process, the sewage matters being more or less

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dynamometer so that the dial is turned inward, should squeeze the

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ponstel dosage instructions

of toxins on the heart, but to defective oxygenation of the tissues,

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strength. On examining more closely into the distribution of this in-

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perience acquired of late years in fever and smallpox hospitals — especially

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A bill favored by the Minister of War and Army Board should be

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cases to get well, ''in spite of our treatment''^ of bursal enlarge-

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from the Commissary General of Subsistence of the army, to-

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duction ; we are quite ex cathedra informed that all these good and

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seek government employment and use their experience for the

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part iii.) reports cases with autopsies, and from his own observations and a

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late Sir Patrick Heron Watson. Nevertheless, such stories should

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be determined. It is well to take the temperature as many times

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have against this food. It was with this intention that the

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oil over too large a surface — for example, never more than six inches

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fairly soft, and without any kind of infiltration. Membranes intact, and

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and Wood both regard post- febrile insanity as due to the anaemia and

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Plate II. — To Illustrate Article hy Dr Byrom Bramvvell.

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the teeth. The first animals bitten in a herd are more liable to


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