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kink, near the ileo-cjecal junction ; Jackson's membrane, involving

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expressed the opinion that the mass felt in the abdomen was a floating

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In a series of 39 cases of acute lacunar or follicular inflammation of

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Four courses of operative procedure arc available, (i) The

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brought to his mind must at all events feel profoundly dissatisfied

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ponstel dosage for babies

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apt to find that the students have organized societies of compar-

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soils, manures, fertilizers, and crops ; the breeds and breeding

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Dr. Craig : Send us some of those stems and we will inves-

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consists in keeping the patient in his room for 2 or 3 days." Corlett

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compounds in which Tallianine may be properly grouped their

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clavicular attachment. The mass fluctuated. The supra- and sub-clavicular

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Service of the U. S. Army, Dr. Goldbeck, a veterinarian of the

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Whereas, An appropriation of $82,500 has been secured

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of pregnancy, and although in these two cases there were early distressing

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marked cedematous swelling over the upper part of the thorax on both sides

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Tuberculosis in Vermont," White's " Veterinary Education in

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to try citric acid in solutions that should be astringent rather than caustic.

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oleomargarine, sausage making. That there may be no doubt

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Quartermaster's Department, though their stables were far re-

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their regular goods, the manufacturers guaranteeing to hold the

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degeneration was present in the extensor communis digitorum, extensor

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disinfections, vaccinations. It belongs partly to general pathology

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gives up its oxygen to organic matter, leaving a solution of chlorine which

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fact that his associates, being men of this type, would not fra-

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Bureau of the Government. Though it is true that a veteri-

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a contribution to the histological anatomy of the amnion and umbilical cord


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