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and of the portion of the oesophagus below the fistula in the neck
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and the bone was disarticulated ; the contents of the internal
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puscles. In the enlarged liver three leucsemic tumors were
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5th. For increasing by $15,000 the annual appropriation to
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Danielssen,'" Macnamara," White,'^ Boinet,'" Chacon,^" Lovell," Boeck,"
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Left a slight stimulant to be given him and went home. Saw
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quite large. From all sides of the swelling there may radiate
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By Chas. H. JewelIv, Veterinarian, 13th Cavalry, U. S. Army.
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tional standard, there are others whose influence is in an
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remedies having failed to produce any relief of these distressing symp-
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Illustrations. — (i) I operated on an aged patient, a double
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selves credit and rendering an honor which is justly due, and
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magnificent work, our opinion of its enormous value to the
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T Journ. Lepr. Invest. Com.. No. I. « Journ. Lepr. Invest. Com., No. I.
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as others have done, the guinea-pig for testing the action of the
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or complete obliteration of the lumen, in order to ascertain whether
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alone, and those in which this is accompanied by mental or nervous
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nasal cavity, and in other visceral organs, which result in gan-
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eration, the ripening of meats, moulding — that is, the action of
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Amoebae were not found in the stools of children, but only in those of adults.
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cury were continued with the medication by the mouth. Tannic acid
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symptoms of Addison's disease. These may be classified as follows : —
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nary cases, a tabular form of seventy-seven consecutive cases,
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the literature, 20 specimens were found at autopsies, and only one
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plantar nerve. Anaesthesia complete in thirty minutes.
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thoroughly disinfect with 1:1000 bichloride solution. Have


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