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16. Liver of wild turkey, showing characteristic lesions

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the uterus having been previously covered over with peritoneum. The

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time. Eleven days later she was placed upon the table and

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Although rabies has become recognized as a specific infec-

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these conclusions will be found in full in the Annals of Surgery for August,

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deal of the corn was mouldy, and in husking the mouldy corn

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to that effect. He can pass upon the places where meats may

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ting up of beef tongues there is a necessity of knowing how

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that the purity of our milk supply to our cities has been at all


seen in the two extremes of symptoms and there are always

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stocky, although the feet are of soft hoof formation, and cloven.

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Meikle emphasises the fact that in all his cases of persistence of

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ment by one Dr. Enos Sanders. This marked the beginning

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The National Veterinary Congress. — And finally we

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careful in all these patients to look for the cardiac and arterial lesions

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through the influence of microorganisms and cause alterations

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like to obtain the evidence of any veterinarian who has ob-

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being secondary to that. The case for operation may Iw briefly

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tions, and believed that people were coming to attack him. In his

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due to Mr Cotterill and to the kindly, genial, and admirable way in

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author had made a careful study of the subject, which was well

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same way, except that frequently no anaesthetic will be required.

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2. Cases in which the symptoms of Addison's disease were

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either the mallein or serum tests, or to animal inoculation.

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fliatness, showing density of structure. The hair of his mane

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ing with foals, the veterinarian is not frequently called early in

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tion period in enteric fever, and there seems no valid reason why

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