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Dear Sirs : — I hear from Drs. Jewell and Turner that the

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enabled in my *' Chronicles '* for August to present to our read-

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At the conclusion of the President's address Dr. Lowe was

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the remaining canals ; this, however, is of little practical import-

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That such conditions existed at all was due to omissions in

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Abbott," in August, 1891, reported two cases of primary faucial diph-

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tions, are due to a single infecting agent. I think it probable that

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finally chloroformed with i lb. 9 ozs. of fluid. At the post-

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Table II.— Influence of Two Months' Exercise at Foot-ball on

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recognizing with any reasonable certainty which of these three events will

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tivity of whooping-cough when the paroxysmal stage has fully


and torture that poor animal was in for about 8 hours he would

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superspinous ligament was resected. These wounds were packed

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ject. However, since my return from the Orient, I have been

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some tubercular swellings were also found in the feet.

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which he found constantly within the lumina of glands and in the lymph

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action of the antitoxine. Tizzoni and Cattani, for instance, believe that

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to the view that desquamation, after the 2Slh day at any rate, causes

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firmatory of the opinion advanced by Jacobi and Starr, in the discussion of

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equally cognizant of French methods and American conditions

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competition nor find place in the commercial world.

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Schiitz and Miessner. Zur Serodiagnose der Rotzkrank-

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become infected, and every one knows that cases of tuberculosis

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preciation of great business interests, all the more pleasing to

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every now and then make their appearance in the course of these dis-

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Professor J. G. M'Kendrick, M.D., LL.D., F.R.C.P. Ed.,


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