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empyema of superior maxillary sinus. Used one dram of an-

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sporanox oral solution for cats

ished, while in horses free from glanders the agglutinating

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acid diatheses. Rather than adduce old age as a cause, its relation is,


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lous tendency, the authors reverse the formula in the preface and give

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disastrous. In every case reaction was slow, although there

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elements composing the Association — schools, examining

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coccus of Roux and Yersin. He also reports four cases of tonsillitis

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tion in his experience. In examining the urine to ascertain the patient's

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abdominal parietes, and when dry is covered with a coating of flexible collo-

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pain, fever, or signs of intracranial trouble, it is permissible to wait

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characterized disease, strictly limited anatomically. 4. The profound

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Further, they all found that the dose required to bring about a cure was

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certainly are better satisfied as a result of them.

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interest in his subject] was promptly checked when he had

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rumination returning. A slight oedema in the affected quarter

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the Review hits it beautifully. The writer had an operating

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Hvi. L. H. Taylor [Annals of Ophth. and Otol., vol. iii., No. 3) reports a

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through the anterior abdominal wall, would have averted the fatal

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diet, good personal hygiene, and general sanitation, improvement often

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cases of death in the Pasteur Institute during the year 1886 numbered

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ing time enough for their physiological elimination from the body. I

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This is the only strictly veterinary pathology available in Eng-

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treatment, supplemented by vaccine therapy, but after considera-

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length which could be rolled between the fingers, and was considered to

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Feis {Archivfur Gynakologie, 1894, B. xliii., H. 3) contributes the results of

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the body and are tied by the patient in front. ^ Soon an ointment dress-

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has been as often neglected by the aurist as overdone by the laryngolo-

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faeces several times and flatus almost continually. In about

sporanox liquid dosage cats

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great intestine were found in the hernial sac. In addition, I discovered

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ease, as I find they are apt to cause functional disturbance ; still there


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