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A night session was held on Tuesday, and the paper by Dr.

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mortem, an enormous mass of clotted blood is found in the

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trunk is subject to violent convulsive movements. The most

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face, is often found associated with a hypertrophy of the pituitary body.

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never producing necrosis and perforation, as has occurred with bone plate

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body to which these questions will be referred is to be known

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tions, there may, side by side with the resistance to tuberculosis and

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of the glands which is affected by these conditions, the other internal

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and to pathological anatomy. Zootechny demands also a special

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have been found satisfactory and efficient and have been in the

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and carried him to a single stall, where I reduced the disloca-

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dilatation, green vegetables are contra-indicated ; in other conditions if intes-

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the roll-call : — J. Burton, Wheaton, Minn.; J. B. Campbell,

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Government deserves a certain amount of credit and considera-

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certain moment about one month later, the fracture, which had

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History. — Stiffness in hands first felt three months ago — lie

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Executive branch of the Department of Agriculture, the Bureau

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take their practical courses during their second or third summer or

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Rhode Island. — L. T. Dunn, John A. McLaughlin, Provi-

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The cedema advances in every direction, leaving a gangrenous

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States, but I cannot see how they do it, and I am surprised how

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such as diphtheria and even measles might have very serious results.

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of the subjects where medical ethics has long been overlooked."

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The Secretary then read a letter received from Professor

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Bourns" says reliance can only be placed in chaulmoogra and gurjun

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years past. Mr Smith, the head-master of Merchiston Castle SchiKil,

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and rod very firmly with another figure-eight inch webbing, so

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their willingness to wade through the revolting, pages of Upton

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and a half — was given every four hours for twelve days. The records

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can containing drugs hurtful to human health or that the con-

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