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aspiration of an abscess of the appendix is never permissible. The sur-

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advantage of the generosity of the Stock Yards interests to

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cosa may be drawn or puckered at this point, making the illu-

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easily solved. It was extraordinan,' the number of patients o|>erated

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own experience. In doses of one to three grains by the mouth, espe-

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was irregular, sometimes remaining about normal for four or five days, and

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urine. Compound jalap powder, with or without calomel, has always

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departure for the convention, in which he said : " I hope you

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examinations are being held to obtain eligibles, though there

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doubtless, when a few additions and alterations have been made

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estly to be wished that some surgeon will yet devise a means for the

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where to buy itraconazole for cats

respiration may be freely carried on. Cold applications should also be

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minims of a solution of morphine hydrochlorate, and chloroform water to

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slack-loined, cow-hocked and calf-kneed, and yet show much

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radiographs were very interesting ; b\it the question is, granting

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points which prove its usefulness as a modern text- book.

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to be tearful, and felt as if something were keeping her down."

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too much care cannot be exercised in keeping the meat clean.

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4. X-Rays — The Presence of Intestinal Stasis. — In recent years

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or gfive birth to the production of an active serum. Maragliano,

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these animals contract tuberculosis. The conclusion is reached

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responsibility on our shoulders. Hygienic surroundings must

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tive, I attach far more value to the use of the mixed bromides than I

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work. My first impulse was to destroy them, but on second

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registration would then become a mere matter of subsequent detail.

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acute obstruction set in, due to the presence of adhesions, which

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2, Organization for the furtherance of private interests — pri-

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ble, Washington C.H., Ohio; C. H. Case, Akron, Ohio ; L. H.


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