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mare in afterwards ; the bog-spavin was about one-third the size
tegretol dosage for hiccups
plained in the thoracic glands in animals tested, through the
tegretol side effects pregnancy
cent, of their original weight, as the "weight" column of Table II. will
tegretol side effects long term
chosen President, and Dr. A. F. Mount, also of Jersey City, Sec-
tegretol toxicity
abdominal puncture with withdrawal of intra-peritoneal eff'usion.
tegretol dose for bipolar
relied upon, we take it that, young as the service is, it will com-
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noise apparatus: this instrument is inserted into the patient's
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Case ij. — Subject found by Humane Society agent, wan-
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tegretol dose child
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* Read at Annual Banquet of the New York- American Veterinary College, 1906.
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an investigation of the statements contained in their replies
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obtain a few drops, and inoculate at once one of the bouillon tubes with it. Without much
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which enter into the drug. 3. On account of the low temperature noted in
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still complained of some pain in the right hip and knee.
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which some at all events of the characteristic symptoms of Addison's
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recent years, has made no noise in the world, yet the statement
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treatments of acute rheumatism have been thought to lessen the liability
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When nvstagmus to the left is produced in a normal person,
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consists in including the sutured margins of peritoneum in every second
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" VI. Undergraduate students working for a nominal sum
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be put, whether trucks are satisfactorily clean, he can stop a


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