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and tacking down of the skin to the muscles pretty much all over the
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had received a letter from Dr. Salmon on the eve of his (Bell's)
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boric acid in any amounts are excluded. As the liquids used in
carbamazepine tegretol and pregnancy
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reactions with normal serum has been with very low dilutions,
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about in bed and grasped at anything or anyone near her. These attacks
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instructive in the seven short chapters into which it is divided. Leucor-
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then showed the Doctor a two-year-old on which the farmer
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arterial blood there is a marked tendency to venous engorgement every-
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some cases of diphtheria, is evident from observations which have been
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measure and be made to feel that there is a strong demand for
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burg ; W. H. Dodge, Leominster ; Daniel Emerson, Boston ;
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dred pages. Dedicated to the memory of Mr. Charlier, a French
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was that of a bull terrier, which presented a single symptom of
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heretofore of personally examining the cases brought forward.
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The resolutions were debated by Drs. A. H. Baker, Jones,
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centre. Kappeler's assistant, Huber, constructed the following apparatus (Deutsche Zeitschr.
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polyuria and bloody milk. (9) Aconitin is prescribed for heart
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with us. The committee of arrangements is endeavoring to
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of the hymen and forming a cross with it. The fibres of the constrictor cunni
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gist, and between these extremes Politzer keeps a good middle course,
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trolled in most of the countries of Europe, and, for those who
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clusion that eminent specialists have arrived at is that good
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from the animal, while if the former was the proper descriptive
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each horse receiving 2 dr. of iod. potash mornings and J^ oz.


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