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cavities communicated, but they did not communicate with the pleural

trazodone side effects dry mouth

rations of Calabar bean. The last edition of the U. S. P. has increased the

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trazodone for dogs side effects

Persons Exposed to Diphtheria. — An interesting investigation has

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hoped that further trial will yield a decisive answer. The promise held

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The subject was a bay mare, i6 years old, used in a private

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pressing cases, such as students with impending examinations, I

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trazodone dosage for chronic pain

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experimented with the vaccine extracted from the central nervous

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For the vaccinated, tested in the veins, I took glandular

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expected to see them have rabies, and I have one of those dogs

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ten times longer than those of the trachea. The number of vi-

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where Drs. Merillat discuss the subject in extenso. Our cor-

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entiated by adding ferrocyanide of potassa to the acetic acid solution, with-

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got up that morning. I gave her i gr. of eserine sal. subcuta-

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the more simple forms of inflammation, that it was a specific disease depen-

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thus doing away with the necessary spellings arithmetic^ letter-

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pendicular lines may then unite the two horizontal grooves, or

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to the sigmoid flexure, which had a long meso-sigmoid. The wound of

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the trachea and bronchi, gave the same results as in Case No. i.

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were so small they did not amount to much and caused but little

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On looking up the literature, Dr Bramwell found that three cases

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submitted to the action of radium, was rendered harmless for

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argument against the game, and that are now agitating the public mind

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Dr. DeWolf reported a very interesting case of peritonitis.

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the white man, that animal diseases both known and unknown

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In the fourth chapter there is given a report of 113 personally ob-

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limate solution and secured in position with a tar bandage.

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At the recent Congress of the French Association for the Advancement of

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tongue. The tumor, which was of the size of a small orange, had only been

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canal were rendered patulous enough for the treatment. The hearing was

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ones that showed reaction. Glanders was, however, apparent

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trazodone hydrochloride 50 mg

of infection : (i) Meningeal, as in cerebrospinal meningitis: from

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unusually fine specimen of a cab-mare and having shown ex-


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