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flexion with an entire relief of the symptoms to which its gives rise. Though

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they carried him to a neighboring house and laid him down on the floor.

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this, in my opinion, is not the common source of infection, but

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In April, 1891, Prudden published the results in twelve cases of

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the skin is thin and tightly stretched over the hands and fingers,

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370 Surgeon-Captain C. H. Bedford, M.D., D.Sc, M.R.C.S.

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schools of veterinary medicine throughout the country. Sec-

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sorbing action of the dressing. He prefers the Danish mode of

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taneous injection of sulphate of strychnine, were prescribed and

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from greatly emaciated, old dissecting subjects, in which class

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roughening of the surface. The right pleura presented old connective-tissue

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zas, and shipping fevers, a class of cases characterized by gastro-

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without any false membrane and as an angina or tonsillitis of very mild

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which press home the principles of bacteriology. It is easy for

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bacteriological examination the cause of this emphysematous

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pamphlet form, if desired, will be furnished to authors in lieu of compensation, jorow'rfed

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" We thus find that of the veterinarians graduating since 1896

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mucous membranes congested ; one steer in particular stood

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or as rapid and certain a reaction as the live cultures.

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of the Government, and we ask to disregard the advice of the

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moderate tension. The area of hepatic percussion dulness was somewhat

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rangements were the best that the Association has ever had

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tion was found. Respiratory tract was found to be in a normal

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embolism, afford specially suitable nidi for the growth of bacteria. The

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The packers have stipulated that the University is to secure

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in the service of the Bureau of Animal Industry, stock examin-

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the lower animals, in man and higher animals they are limited

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Above this the upper tone limit is l>est tested by means of the

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one of which is based on positive experimental evidence, that

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who is conversant with the work, and whose accuracy can be

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operating table (which is referred to by Dr. Williams as a modi-

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operating tables, which we are preparing to manufacture, on the

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out-of-door life. The herbivora seem to be able to assimilate

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insanity from specific poisons, Hurd believes, however, that mistakes

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Ghisleni'] . — From the series of articles published by the author

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The following bills were read and ordered paid : Secretary,

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weather, and at the same time proclaims the Jons et origo of infantile

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from the Veterinary Medical Association of New York County

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evolution of gas, from the presence of saprophytic organisms,


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