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developed on the eighth day. Intubation had been performed and was

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lengthy weekly correspondence with her only living child, who

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lateral region and back pleural friction-sounds were also heard. The tem-

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or acute mania being due to toxaemia — such evidence as is afforded by

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(Translated by A, Liautard, M.'D.,« V.M., from iht Recueil de M^decine Veterin-

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meningitis. Much negative pathological evidence in favor of the

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one or two silk slings. The edges of the incised peritoneum are now

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lowing day in all of the symptoms. The fourth and fifth injections were

what is trazodone 50 mg sleep

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become markedly blue on cxjiosure to cold. The points of the

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tions (p. 102) to possess therapeutic value should be made from the

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each member of the Society should try and influence men who are

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while congestion of the brain and meninges appears to be a

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know it. The localization of the nerve-fibres distributed to the various

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our time to theorizing, it would afford me special satisfaction."

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clavicular region. Sounding omitted on account of previous repeated

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us a maximum of theory and a minimum of applicable fact. The pages

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Mr Graham for his paper, said all would agree that he was to be

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prominence the importance of animal hygiene. The old vet-

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of infection, and with an analytical bibliography of the disease, both

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narians, they should devote much time to the judging of live

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few days these cannot pass ; at times lancinating pains through sternum

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There can be no reasonable doubt but that variations in the

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muscular sense, or sense of the position of the limbs as derived from

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a gelatinous modification, and when examined under the microscope in

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La Revue mensuelle de Medecine et de Chirurgie, 1879. The diffuse

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5. The cancer may commence in a normal api^endix and cause

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write a practical work," has been clearly kept in view throughout. A

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sponding to the sentiment of " Sanitary Control Work," which

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munication and the discussion which had taken place were very

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sions: In all cases of stone in the bladder where senile enlargement of the

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toir of the German capital, the Schlachthof of Berlin, which is

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method of Volpino (10 per cent, osmic acid) is preferred to the

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which had been expelled was the floating colon ; it measured

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In the cutting of hams and bacons, to be latterly shipped in

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Chicago veterinary publisher, and is devoted to the " Principles

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dead subject, and it may be employed as a prompt confirmatory


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