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and removed entirely with the exception of the upper portion of the healthy

trazodone uses side effects

written on the subject, no published accounts with which to make

if you snort trazodone will you get high

trazodone tablet pliers

was the condition of some twenty cotyledons, which were sepa-

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nical questions in veterinary science which call for mastery of

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largement and rearrangement of General Veterinary Surgical

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how often should i take trazodone

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Sir James Affleck had come to hear something of intestinal

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cover any difference at the operating-table, since there is no time for bacterio-

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refractory to this germ, needing large doses ; rabbits, pigeons, and

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then withdrawn, the rubber balloon being left in place. He claims an in-

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powdery. The eyes are dull, mournful and without expression,

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District of Columbia. — A. D. Melvin, Washington.

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bovovaccinated cattle shall not be permitted to sell them before

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because death is usually due to septicaemia ; but if after the

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reform. In order that we may stand on firmer ground we eugenists

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and he was seen by Dr. Ball an hour after he had quieted down. He

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and 27 years of age, a graduate of a veterinary college of good

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bicarbonate of soda and Rochelle salts in moderate, frequently-repeated

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this enlightened body of brother veterinarians, I am enabled to

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14. Stones in the common duct are to be removed by incision of the duct.

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acquires knowledge in the first by listening to a systematic statement of

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Case IV. — O. Sp., M.D., aged fifty-seven ; increasing trouble in deglu-

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* Brit. Med. Journ., June 27, 1891. » Brit. Med. Journ., August 27, 1891.

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of the Subsistence Department of the army who would have

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at a neighboring farm, where abortion had prevailed for some

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18//1 July 1894. — Thyroid treatment produced little or no im-

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such an honor is a member. In bestowing this honor upon one

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minimum, and that 9 or 10 are more frequent from the i>robable

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phenomena. If the case is one of great gravity it may be necessary to use

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ture of the animal to be tested should be determined previous

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minute. I left some more aromatic spirits of ammonia, alsa

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tion of the very acute and fulminant type which is observed in over-

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and agar cultures from the trachea, bronchi, and lung tissue

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the recognition it deser\-ed, and even when he published, si,x years

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face of ulceration. The thrombus is thickest over the anterior segment,

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impassable one twelve inches, behind teeth ; a hard, movable, aching

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when operative interference apjwars advisable, the difficulty arises

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