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was called. In the presence of the bad aspects of the case, rec-

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the usual salicylic preparations, it may completely fail. In spite of this it is

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timately connected with the internal and external ligaments

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canning industry which should be done away with, as well as

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end of the appendix revealed the presence of staphylococci, from

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were burned with a hot iron and dressed dry with calomel and

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the accuracy with which Prof. Moore picked from about Iwenly

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reduces concussion to a minimum ; or a full flat pad, giving sole,

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they possessed, always referred to the melano-sarcoma in such

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is said to be " a crystalline substance containing phosphorus, iodine,

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mum during infancy and early childhood, and rapidly decreasing in later

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Robin has carefully studied the urine in a large number of cases of chronic

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would seem to be from the changes produced at the surface of

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this if they desire our support at their meetings. This is one

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What, now, it may be asked, have we learned from these observations ?

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walking, and felt dull and wretched. The symptoms of commencing paralytic

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diseases of the special organs of that system are taken up. Here are

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free of diphtheria bacilli. The custom was to make the second culture

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after the cyanide, and in two cases after the sublimate.

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so difiicult to obtain large numbers of observations in this field, and

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tions. The author aims, as he states in his preface to the first edition,

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can pretend that these conditions can be different in the young

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causes have been present in my cases. I have, moreover, been especially

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demonstrated that no gall-stones existed, a few hours after the administra-

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death are extremely rare. Only one or two have been fully re-

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Dr. T. B. Rogers stated that he had been appointed a com-

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hours a day, and it costs a great deal to advertise." The vet-

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at the site of a stenosis ; distally the lumen was dilated and con-

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removed. It contained foul-smelling feculent material. Theca.'cum

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I saw this patient a week ago, when the tumor could be felt as

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