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29.72 per cent, took strangles, with a form which was never

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improvement of the patient's general condition," enable the doctor to

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Tuberculous infection may pass from one part of the body

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profane, and in which he at times indulged in acts of violence toward

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to have stopped its progress ; from which it could be inferred that every

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urged by Rake^ and others, that as "he lived in a leper colony for a

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years old, from the period of 1888 to 1896, under the old line

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standard to three terms of six months each, extend its curricu-

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rected, and which by right should come under the supervision

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Since the second accident all his symptoms have been decidedly aggra-

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carpine hydrochloric, pilocarpine-eserine, ergot, strychnine

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heated to 55° during 43 hours. No reaction. Three days after,

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2^. — Animal No. II was injected with 1.54 grams (23 grains).

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this apparatus known as the revolving, stocks possesses this

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he strongly recommends bimanual examination. In regard to the selection

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with rapid primary and a much slower secondary movement to

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horse- pox, etc., a siccative antiseptic dusting powder.

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plates, and, above all, has articles altered and, I think, made

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of the spheroidiU-celled group which showed signs of malignancy

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have amounted to much under ordinary circumstances, but in

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but as he was not present it was turned over for publication.

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easily as he infects his clothes. But once he has ceased to be in-

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ergotine for the purpose of checking haemoptysis. At times, believing that

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semi-annual convention assembled, that we sincerely condole

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enabling us to forewarn our patients and thus ward off from them the

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of greatly increasing the resisting power toward tuberculosis

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idea of the breadth and accuracy of the literary research which the

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identical with the Brown-Sequard testicular fluid than morphine is with

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Dr, E. Leyden believes that the prophylactic treatment consists in avoid-

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gress. Even though the harrying tales told of the Chicago

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effects as the testicular liquid, which probably acts only by virtue of the organic

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On September 5th the owner had called at my office to see if I

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creased in size, and could not be felt by palpation. The spleen, however,


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