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with morbus maculosus, that it is not this or that remedy that
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letting than in any other way. Leeches, wet cups, venesection, may all
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the day previous ; subject doing nicely, and apparently no bad
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glands consecutive to an infection by the digestive tract in
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was presented to the owner with all the risks to run. An opera-
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absolute certainty. The two others, if properly carried out, promise
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Simple puncture is indicated in case of an abundant ascites which shows
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my practice, and for years I worried over them until I fell into
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Resiimk : — In presenting this paper I have endeavored to
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any antiseptic ? The speaker's practice had been to consider a
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Duration. — Right hand four years, left hand two months.
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inspector in his selections. No bacons could be accepted un-
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channel of thought, to the end that enabling legislation may
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loss of blood produced more shock, and that its flow was much
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The writer regrets exceedingly not being able to exhibit a photo-
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laying down bacon in the dry salt cellars the judgment of fit-
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The blunt division of the rectus and transversalis muscles corresponding
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Certainly the purpose of the veterinarian as a business man
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that his animal is suffering from some acute intestinal trouble
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of treatment prescribed by a tramp veterinary surgeon who
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tery and the great omentum have passed into the thorax. The
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Second Vice-President — L. A. Merillat, Illinois.
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By C. C. lyYFORD, M. D., D. V. S., Minneapolis, Minn.
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Nearly if not all cases of rabies in other species are traceable to
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suggesting partial placental retention or lithopaedion.
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attention to the fact that the latter microorganisms may be a cause of cystitis
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Hearing and reading so many very gratifying reports from
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now for the purpose originally intended. Circumstances have
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tering chloroform, the bones were replaced, and in a few days
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practitioners, who may arrive too late when called to arrest it."
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the sinus ; to this a piece of gauze saturated with tincture of
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Veterinary Schools of Europe,' and Dr. D. S. White, Dean of
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3. The method of Witzel.^ Published in 1891. In this method the
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great doubt on the infectivnty of, at any rate, late desquamation.


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