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diminishes pain, makes the vomiting of food to disappear, and causes the

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marked over the right heart, in addition to numerous other signs inci-

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together with the acute nephritis present, was the immediate cause of

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virulent course of certain chronic infections, such as tuberculosis, or certain

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the old habit. This lively career continued for several years,

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mentioned on the previous day emanated from the region of the

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gray area, with dark red margins. These areas extend over a large

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would do the horse any good, but that it might satisfy them on

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with questionable improvement in efficiency. But the distance

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Surgical Treatment of Mastoid Disease and its Complications.

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diffusely with eosine. In sections stained with Weigert's fibrin stain

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which they spring, together with their relations to other portions of the

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seven minutes, salivation, snapping, timidity. Animal appeared

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nent colleagues have declared that they could clearly feel the

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in a great deal better position in five or ten years, and as we

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months, was on the witness stand for sixteen consecutive days

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Brenton, of Detroit, and J. Black, of Richmond, both of whom

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margin of this thrombus mass is curled up, leaving a red, roughened sur-

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after the cyanide, and in two cases after the sublimate.

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size, and was adherent to the mass. Abdominal examination was nega-

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dition — eyes closed, cornea and superficy of the body insensible ;

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the outset peculiarly susceptible. Subsequently the doses of living cultures

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coming from infected districts and carrying with their boots or

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the influence of foot-ball as an out-ofdoor exercise on the human

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Condition when Seen. — Right hand stiff and swollen ; skin of

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the serum is taken after the normal temperature returns. At

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Board not being through. The applicants are all graduates of

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diphtheria of obscure causation are referable to those who without the

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ing with foals, the veterinarian is not frequently called early in

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supervision can be given the student by an instructor in an out-patient

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etc. These are not intended to include any original matter,

vermox pinworms dose

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manifested itself, but always yielded to anti-specific treatment. The

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number again assembled to hear Dr. A. T. Peters' paper on

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their work falsifies the statements made in the vouchers sent to

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eight hours when grown anaerobically. The pseudo -diphtheria bacillus

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some cases the approximation may entail so much deformity in the jaws as

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ternally by means of violence. Presumably also such violence

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was danger of the bladder bursting. No catheter was at hand,


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