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puncture in the subcutaneous oedema of a calf, according to the

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The above described lot of bacon was dry salt cured, was in process

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ism, that warrant even further the discussion that it is hoped

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skin-bridge than about one-half inch over the border of the ribs. There

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Moore while I was in college, he said " Never miss the chance

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On May 2 the heels were healing slowly under the most

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in the function of these glands produced by such lesions.

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pseudo- diphtheria and is believed to be the cause of this affection. In

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by extra covering. Their circulation is deficient, and this is shown by

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In five minutes there occurred nervous irritability, rigidity of

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creatures, when in reality careful examination reveals a very definite

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the ultimate extinction of the family. This view does not, however,

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and brought in the woman ; she was asked to look at the patient's

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the culture became more or less clouded, an effect which is exceptionally

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papilla in the superior hemisphereof the fundus of the eye. The

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from an authority like Prof. Behring, such feeling was to be

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somewhat like the specific poison of syphilis, depending upon a thin or

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afebrile typhoid fever with severe cerebral symptoms has been recorded

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The use of mallein in animals already suffering from an ab-

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iron preparation is indicated. As it is, I avoid giving it unless there is

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understanding in the matter, for the table known as the Humane

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stenosis of the age of fifteen years and under, while there were 13 deaths

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The "special division" comprises two- thirds of the book, including

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While the agglutination test is still in its infancy and our

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tions, for it seems quite apparent that in certain of the cases of Graves'

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Says that he is very sensitive to cold ; ha^ m mi p.i.ssed dark-


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