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Hope Fowler concurs in this opinion. Further reference to this

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still exist. Right eye much retracted in the orbit and turned

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, 190 , the provisions below enumerated, purchased as supplies

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rhoea: — Acid muriatic lo.o grams, in one litre of water, to be

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a sarcoma, carcinoma, epithelioma, etc., when as a matter of

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After the horse has been raised and turned partly over in the

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to people of middle life or advanced in years, even when their blood is

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Clarifying. — To about one ounce of the urine add about 60 grains of pow-

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limitations as to fats as for meat, with eggs next in order, are of great value.

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ent : M. ly. Davenport, '03 ; A. English, '05 ; R. J. Stafford,

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lized-salt solution. The suspension was made of a light greyish

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500 grams in France, 31 kilog. 600 grams in Germany, 22

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Very many physicians in Mexico, those who have seen much of

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fossa. The peritoneal cavity contained no fluid. It was quite evident

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smooth, while the arterial wall projected as the inner lining of the circular

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The admirable anatomical chapter with which the work opens has

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intelligent and efficient direction of Dr. Biggs the Health Department

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meat food products, for either the tropics or United States

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preciate the value of an accurate diagnosis. Cases which are proved

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taught to keep the teeth clean, and the use of the toothpick after each

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died lo minutes later from shock. The champignon weighed

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tells us that he has undertaken the task to meet the need of an

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particularly in early summer and while out on pasture, also too

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count of the danger of perforating the canal, injuring an adjacent vessel


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