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cases known, all the recorded deaths, without an exception, would
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pended but little on choice of the antiseptic agent, but mainly
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contagion. Notwithstanding the frequency of extensive pul-
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attribute in an individual, just as being well bred, well con-
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sac and see what the indications may be. This was consented
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4. Stimulation of the Renal Excretions. — An important point
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accounted for by the ujtright position in which the photographs
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head was kept in an elevated position. Even the act of eating
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fortably full of indigestible hotel fare, which he slid under the
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service in its several fields, and of congratulation for the
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edly came from the mouth, as that cavity was found to be
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retina than the old methods which have been advised and carried out for so
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make them fit for sale. They will not intentionally place con-
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When the suggestion of Frosch, that comparatively large pieces of
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sick should be prevented from mingling with others until cultures or
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Wilbur J. Southey, D. V. S., N. Y.-A. '98, Bridgeport, Conn.
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Dr. R. A. Craig, of Lafayette, finished our literary program
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other, as one is accustomed to do with sodium salicylate, is well worth further
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patronage of our own Monsarrat, the pilgrimage to the Paradise
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ing the law of their state and are thereby laying themselves
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by another person. That was his difficulty in discussing this paper.
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act upon the patella of the standing animal they serve to fix
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the abdomen. Spleen and liver as well as the kidneys are ap-
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gumma has, therefore, been confirmed by treatment, and the patient
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All of the horses tested either showed symptoms more or less
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minutes before the mid-day and evening meals. 6. Take only a small
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patients are especially refractory. At times, when the concentration exceeds
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