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reason. There are no facts to show that a purely representative body

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the camp was raised, and the disease at once rapidly abated. But 3000

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opinion of the Examiners, sufficient merit be evinced, the Candidate

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weekly, monthly, and quarterly journals of Medicine, Natural History,

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Dr. Mapother are several of the eyeless fish of the Kentucky Caves, of

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able report upon the health of the district was presented to tlie I'rivy

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uneasiness. If, however, the displacement persists, from other causes

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it was health ; but when any of the minor spirits rebelled, and had to

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the house of a friend in a distant city. The faitiily of this friend had

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Examinanduni, £$ ; for the Degree of M.Ch., ;£'ll.

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incorrectly represent the death-rate of the town of \ huhy. It must,

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The patient was a middle-aged labouring man, who attributed his

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the floods are retained and not easily drained off, there wc find the

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real and practical acquaintance with a subject, supposed by some to be

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gery must have been engaged in Medical and Surgical Study for four

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Thomas William M'Dowall, Edinburgh ; WiUiam Lewis, Paisley ; Herbert Sidney

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Napoleon I as a State Prison, afterwards as Public Offices, subsequently

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lution to the effect that in the interests of the public, and as one of the

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alcoholic drink. That being so, it was imperatively necessary that

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to grasp in the centre, and hence the instrument slid. However, he

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other surgeons, punctured it, giving exit to a large quantity of pus. The

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where the liberty of the subject is valued much more than his life or

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inflammatory mischief in the entire uterus, or in a limited region, may

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Oxalic acid also decomposed the .salt, setting free the iodine ; the action

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that " all the Council, with the exception of five, agreed amongst t/u-in-

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judging, Mr. Williams does ; and it is, therefore, upon that ground that

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lead lotion, or solution of chloride of lime ; and, when none of these

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side and the impact of the little succeeding wave of the fingers applied

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those which border the great sea-inlets, such as the Thames, the Wash,

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both experimental and practical. Dr. Laycock dwelt specially upon

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immersed. This treatment is less troublesome, but appears to make

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tice, will be dispensed with in the case of those candidates who at the B.S. Examin-

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the so-called different kinds of insanity which satisfy these requirements.

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