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I think the public should visit the dairies oftener than

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cleanliness. 7. The hypodermatic method is established upon a firm basis.

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peripheral vascular system is much larger than is commonly supposed,

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They must be taught minutely. Hygiene to include etiology,

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den increase in the sharpness and the diffusion of the pain and tenderness

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Specimens of these various printed forms accompany this paper for

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In introducing the first speaker, Dr. W. H. Dalrymple, he

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uric acid. The necropsy showed a glossitis, superficial pharyngitis, acute

zofran during pregnancy risks

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3. These conditions very probably represent what has been called

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undertaken or where complications arise to perplex the surgeon.

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they may be present in every cell, in others they may be only

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mination of the common cattle tick (Boophilus amtulatus)

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tient refuses to move, appears drawn in the flank ; the slightest

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Dr. Lyford: The question is, what it destroys? If we have

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had to be considered was the passage of the bismuth meal out of the

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after treatment by Pasteur himself in that year. In 1887 the deaths in Paris

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cells of the size and appearance of liver-cells. The nuclei of these cells

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for a number of years, and who is thoroughly familiar with the

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from the diastolic sound of mitral stenosis. It may be best heard at the

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Such an admission in the face of the sensational statements per-

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be awakened, even when a gastric fistula has been established. The

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how long this noble strife has lasted, we are absolutely driven to

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spring months of 1893, we are enabled to record the following average

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accompanied by definite and obstinate constipation. By rehev-

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oculated always in homogenous emulsion in the veins, but after

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The first case was a girl of nine months, fed upon raw cow's milk and later

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myelitis may result, the source of the disease being the typhoid bacillus or

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very rare in horses and they have no special dilection for

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wanted to know how infection could occur in the instance of

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stitut the result he has obtained. Doing away with culture

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When she married she moved to a distant place from where she

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the records of preventive medicine because of its protection of

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vaccination. This justification is insufficient ; autopsies would

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ary, and Nervous Systems; each subject being systematically and in

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laid upon the value of a peritxl of complete rest in bed at the outset

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is required of animals and meats for export but, in addition, all

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forceps have been invented with curved jaws or with one or sev-


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