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observations of Booker, already cited, at a time and place in which

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in a flask, and when thoroughly mixed 10 to 15 of the sputum are

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peritoneum was secondarily infected from this portion of the right tube.

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cine Co. by the discoverers, Profs. Arloing, Cornevin and

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microscopic examination of the cells of the semilunar ganglia in

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cutting forceps. There was immediate relief. Occasional recrudescences,

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melancholia with erysipelas, one of which went on to recovery, and the

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sigmoidostomy or excision of the colon. Some others ojierating

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been suffering from intestinal stasis. Pathologists and surginms

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ute to the conceit of some very worthy private practitioners.

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number of the bacilli in the convalescent throats, as compared with

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R, C, V, 6*.]. — An Abyssinian pony is dull, with hanging head,

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The Vice-President said they were indebted to Dr Chalmers

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bers of the profession, and that we deplore the loss of Dr. Arthur

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treat the nervous system by using gelsemium, and it brings the

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but only in the class of cases which generally do as well with the anti-

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of cure for 30 days, during which time it was turned and resalted on the

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and efficient in hospital outbreaks. Moreover, I see little use in

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attention to a possible avenue of infection at the moment of birth. During

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take the chance, as it was a shame to let such big green stalks

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best we know for the welfare of the Association, and sincerely

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upon a Rational Basis. By Hobart Amory Hare, M.D., Professor of

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piratory sound in the trachea constantly in breathing, and this has been

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septum and in the cavities of the turbinated bones. In the

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been in tliis country such an unparalleled amount of natural

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knew nothing about his character. It would certainly not be

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hitherto conducted, proved negative. The dangerousness of

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centive to army authorities to greater effort to bring the Army

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ness side of the trade. On analysis, the main contention of

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under an anaesthetic. Cunean tenotomy by Dr. A. Travis.

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perature normal, ate well, and in nine days ready to go home.

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followed, the diet consisting of milk, eggs, and soups. He concludes :

zyvox side effects thrombocytopenia

the first group, but not so constant. It depends upon the period of recogni-

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In the meantime Pasteur, Koch, Behring, Kitasato, Tizzoni and

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he did not think much benefit would result from fibrolysin in any


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