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107 Neuroepithelioma (Glioma) of the Retina ; and Its Surgical

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pressed at that time, provided the symptoms present

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on the transportation of persons who are in advanced

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tinal canal will be found the agent causing these consti-

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however, who acceded to the demands and the federation thus

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Farther Observations on Senimtherapy in Croapona Pneumonia.

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felt distinctly by placing the ends of the fingers on the part of the chest, jj

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he was aged seventy ; for the last four years he has been an inmate of

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fever, chills, and great pain in the same kidney, which was

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and oil of nutmeg, each 5; oil of sage, 3; camphorated oil, 30;

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accomplished a reduction of 78.5 per cent, in the number

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eating. The stomach was scarcely dilated at all, which spoke

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Fig. 6. — Showing stitches In situ and manner of tying In groups.

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and pointing externally. The first condition could always be

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France, not less than ten demands from foreign physicians for permission

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4 the service, relieving P. A. Surgeon B. W. Browh. March 8. 1901.

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The organs and tissues removed at this *»t<>P"y- . '""•""W *'

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cleated undtr anesthesia, chiefly with a pair of curved scissori-

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cular hip disease are treated for weeks, even months,

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M. Sig.: One teaspoonful every four hours. — Med. Standard.

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more of less unjust discrimination. Prohibitive legis-

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condition known as general peritonitis yields to surgery, a»

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Hospital for (he Insane, Indianapolis, has been re-elected for a

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inconstancy of the symptoms he considers as favoring

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vision. Under the new law, it will be the duty of the Board of

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China and in India by personal investigations insured

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never was mentioned without respect. Mr. Blizard having obtained for

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Desault's, the modification consisting principally in the adaptation ot a

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artery was tied. A small vein had been opened, and a respiratory sound

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Guthrie. H. S. Cochram, H. P. Jones, A. S. Yenni, E. H. Walet,

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aids us in approximating the size, shape and, oftentimes,

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