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as contrasted with an infiltrating malignant growth,

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Adaptation in Pathological Processes. By William H. Welch, M.D. . . . 631

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His third case was that of a multipara in whom steam was employed at

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tremely suspicious of the tertiary bone lesion, the


this, one of the important diseases of an important

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extensive metastases in the axilla, had been removed. A few days after

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pleural effusion. 2. In the hydrothorax of heart-disease we have probably

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what is clotrimazole cream used to treat

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able water-supply, and in the European quarters a separate system of

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1. Symptoms and Diagnosis of Ulcer of Stomach, Duo-

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in a far feebler or less concentrated form. Weisbecker (Zeifsch. f. klin.

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this opening. When the pain ceased the field was wiped

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vice-president. Dr. R. V. Martin, of Savannah; secretary

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an getiological basis. Posterior cervical glands may

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other uses for clotrimazole

tuberculosis, 99 cases, 53 deaths; pneumonia. 17 cases, 20

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colleagues on this subject, I addressed a letter of

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The Composition and Action of Natural and Cultivated Vaccine and

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teresting to note in these studies: i. All cases ex-

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to Camp of Instruction, at .Atascadero, California, for

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An attack of true chlorosis here developed following intense grief,

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amphitheatre, and I never permitted it after the first lecture. I always

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inn. Med., 1897, No. 7) calls attention to the coincidence of these two condi-

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sive temperature, and evidences pointing to profound cerebral disturb-

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Barney, Charles N., Major, Medical Corps. Assigned to

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The sections devoted to the diseases of special organs, such as the eye,

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served at sea, if not better. Certain it is that by

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reports three instances, in the last of which there was central sloughing with

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with a grayish white coat. The teeth were in very bad

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tion in the State. These States are Wisconsin, Michigan,

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tient, waiting spirit, and as year after year he se s

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cells. Since then a great deal of work has been done on the subject,

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bloodvessels, and of inflammation. Hence we find histo-raechanical

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*Kcad by title at the Thirty-second Annual Congress of the

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children ; while in the final chapter he develops his

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discussion of the diagnosis and localization of spinal

lotrisone stevens johnsons syndrome

ringworm treatment lotrisone


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