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is more dense than a stratum coinciding with the opposite half; for both

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include the various types of exomphalos, of ectopia vesicae, of horse-shoe

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ing three courses of his own medicine. — Smallpox has appeared in the

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His method was to triturate the pulp with distilled water, one part

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to my relief. The paper on the walls was a crimson ground, with some-

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tion. He was intently occupied with his patient, and seemed to be

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diagnosis of such cases is often impossible until some days have elapsed,

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be increased by 20 or 30 beats a minute. In some cases, even when lying

cymbalta patient susses

to be most frequent where the diet was " full," and quite dispropor-

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every seventh eopv ^aUs.—Orden from a distance must be accompanied by payment in advance, or

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John Starkweather, J. G. Metcalf, J. S. Butler, J. Stone, P. T. Kendall.


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