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business part of the town " all .was life, bustle and

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cozaar hctz dose

nant of foetal life. The right lobe of the liver contains the bulk

is losartan potassium the same as cozaar

treated with acetate of potassium, ten grains every three hours (the

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Mix. Flavor with wintergreen and use as needed to increase the

is losartan hctz a generic for diovan hct

mulation of all the appliances of luxury. Owing to the character of

losartan-hctz 100-25mg tab side effects

reactions of such urines can easily convince himself of the nature of the

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THE small intestine is a circular canal about twenty feet in length

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tion of morbid movement, somewhat as the circulating fluids serve to

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with rheumatism, according to the views which prevailed at various

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starved because they cannot, or at least can only with difliiculty, seize

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citement of preparing for a journey on the part of children or those

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add to it a pint or more of this disinfectant solution. Let it stand

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of carbohydrates, but they are added to the food in such small quan-

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we frequently note (jedema and inflammatory infiltration with abnor-

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ing point of the blood may be equal to, or even lower than, that of the urine.

is losartan a blood pressure medicine

the wall and the width of the aorta, Avhich in the plethoric is found

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the ankle together are called the tarsus, and are one less in number

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It is not always possible to make out the presence of a communi-

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" The anterior half of the glenoid cavity was entirely worn away

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By the Germans it is known in the popular vocabulary as GUedersucht,

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median line in front. Upon this inflamed and reddened surface

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amination of the brain post mortem shows the presence of no lesions

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ject may see floods of light, balls of fire, or other brilliant displays.

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the extreme uncertainty of predicting the kind of kidney from the clinical

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rest content with the diagnosis of chronic nephritis, not pretending to state

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syphilis, a disease tliat is usually contracted in early adult life, and

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