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symptoms may continue for six months, or even a year, before they become
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demic smallpox of 1838, would say, that the disease was most prevalent in the
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shoidd chew his vegetables very thoroughly, even to the
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spii’it of hospitality, and there ai'e courtesies
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an BXUDATION in the spinal cord or in the brain is the immediate cause of the
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We may thus form an opinion approximatively of the period at which
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speculum and head mirror the doctor finds a uniform
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sultation was held upon the case, when it was determined to attempt the
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question it might be staled, that in the first week or ten days after birth, before
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Antimony. — Orfila has also published a Memoir on poisoning with
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rheumatic diathesis should avoid this climate, or that disease will
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the east and north-west winds, so trying to invalids in the
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that the disease prevails in Corfu between the latitudes 39^ 2&
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attention to the value of crude liver extract in all
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33. Operation for the cure of Stammering. — The greatest novelties in surgery,
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or some mild purgative, in order to ensure quietude for some time after the
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the mothers while the students would have the opportunity of
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to be but ordinary impressions ; and with this tendency they are liable
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or shuttered windows), too much compassion on rugs,
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the practice of psychiatry, with special interest in
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fever or certain intestinal diseases. Meat-juice or meat-
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from the same facts. This author expresses himself as follows: "The lesion
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2888 were attributed to old age, 851 to atrophy, 298 to brain
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of mind, and a purpose of committing some crime,'' &c., "with-
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water, and which differs from the absorbed arsenic — that from the muscles
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well defined, a smooth, flat, ivory-like appearance of the skin,
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3289, in the third 4242, which is about at the regular rate of 30 per cent. The
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of dust and insects, but otherwise the air is deemed
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are not^ accompanied by consciousness. Moreover^ the reaction
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Boston Quarterly Review. By Elisha Bartlett, M. D. Lowell, 1841. (From
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"This obstruction may give rise to hemorrhage in two ways; it may either
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origin of the epigastric; this vessel, though enlarged, contained two coagula,
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Case 3. — James N — ^ a sailor, eet. 28. Came under my care
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kept in mmd in stating the conclusions arrived at on this point.
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Aneurysm. — A dilatation or sacculation (ballooning)
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but in other cases, when the groove of the maUeolus is not veir
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perience for a doctor to examine a patient's nares and
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remedy would be a moderate fast, milk and bread and
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September 28 ; thescf were followed by two other cases in Prosecco,


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