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Pathogenetic to rabbits ; no effect if the culture be rubbed into the
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nerves are also concerned ; thus in anaesthetic leprosy ulcerations about
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son describes sweat -cysts in connection with xanthoma, and always
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(2) The object is balanced as described above to within 1 mg
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cases have been recorded* at Vienna. It nearly always' occurs in
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have not been observed ; but if a mosquito which has fed on blood
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relative, and depends more directly upon the state of the arteries than
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which give a clue to the nature of the case. In the majority of cases all
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Vidal, from his experience of a large number of cases of psoriasis,
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curious an appearance that more than once I have known them to be
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(Malpighi, 1685, Morgagni, etc.) They may also arise from fibroma,
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and hissing, less often distinct voices ; when these occur they may influence
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The next point in treatment is to try to stimulate the nutrition of
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mental disorder. In the less formidable it may only be apparent as a
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between penury and affluence, and if he still forfeits it by being too lazy
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property without violence. (iv.) Malicious injuries to property, (v.)
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probably arise from the comparatively small number of cases that are
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Upon all these grounds a certain degree of exemption, a certain mitiga-
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joint flexures, and, according to Riehl, of the palms and soles, genitals and
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and, when recovering from a fit, they have a mechanical way of moving
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tion occurs, the donor is satisfactory. The transfusion must be
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are seen in workmen exposed to the use of arsenical pigment or powders
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most marked in the upper part of the face, and especially under
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which we have been dealing prove stumbling-blocks in the way of
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many hysterical subjects, is perhaps the best criterion, if we cannot afford
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The hereditary nature of the condition has not been established.
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watery or oily applications are the best. My experience is entirely in
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Blood does not naturally escape from the vessels in eczema unless
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criminal tendency in the sane is towards plunder, while in the insane it is
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Deutsch. Archiv /. Tclin. Med. 1878, xxi. p. 290 (plates). — 14. Hallopeau. Eevue des
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(See pars. 60 and 87c). He places a small drop of whole
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Mrs. Cagodan to proclaim him "a wretch !" at the top of her
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(b) Even when obstinate and of long standing they are susceptible, in
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But Garth was not the first poet-physiciaru That honor
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Skin," B. J. Derm. 1890.— 13. Idem. " Kraurosis Vulvae," Monatsh. f. prakt. Derm.
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less ; and the definition of vice that has already been given, supplies us
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these remedies may be enhanced by the previous use of strongly alkaline
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supposing the break-down to be definitely due to the too frequent repeti-
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into red indurated cords, and the glands above slowly enlarge.
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and of the modes of brain action ; while, by analysis and study of such
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affection is included in the present account of tetany.
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conversation, in work and in play. The man who, but a quarter of
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physician's notice that whilst temperance is favorable to


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