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la, inserted at the usual place of tapping in abdominal dropsy. —


the cutaneous eruption. But admit, to the full, all that the writer

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this end have secured the services of a good number who will be re-

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children — 3 boys and 1 girl — all alive, but neither lived more than fifteen

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time of taking the first dose, the child was expelled — lifeless. I

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vertically above right inner canthus ; (2) Entrance :

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daily, and in two instances only he observed it to cause vomiting of brief

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sometimes the extremities — and in severe cases these spots are

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No. 11. Case of Anthrax. (From Dr. Benson, President of

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should, indeed, regard the present occasion as red-letter days. As

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at a reasonable price. It is the only complete work of the kind in the

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generally, quite superficial, if not rountineists. We would not be hy

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the difficulties attendant upon the Operation, together with the topo-

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to absorption has the effect of a sedative on the system, and dimfn-

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or physiologically, which, when certain exciting causes are

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I am brought to this conclusion, viz : that small-pox, in all its

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and had induced a considerable thickening of the tunica vaginalis ;

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ment is now. This will be at once conceded by every unbiased mind, ca-

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possible ; a tape line carried from the anterior superior spinous pro-

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were present, as far as could be inferred, without a vaginal ex-

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Boling took it in health ; I gave it in disease ; an essential differ-

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deeper stitch which will include the field just closed. Thus the

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some kinds of functional disorder of the stomach, aloes seem, in-

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ening the round ligaments, which two, the author says, " have

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present were satisfied that the reduction was complete and perfect.

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delicately formed as possible, and entirely free from cutting edges

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out by the patient (Case 37). It is, however, usually

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He did not say that he was free from all suffering, but that he was

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produced by cicatrization. It may also be caused by great dilata-

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