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inquirer are these : — 1. nhat proportion of the subhmates of an
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parents desire. Others make for an excuse, that the mind should b<> educated
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came on a year and a half after the commencement of the malady.
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contaminating the purest blood, entering alike the hovel of the peasant and the
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The body and mind reciprocally affect each other; whatever invigorates the body
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Particularly should every woman, while nursing, keep command of her temper,
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natural modes of escape. To this end, we may make use of the Water Regulator,
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and the inmates employed upon some branch of labor where females can be most
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Physical Examination. — Right lung: Normal breath sounds
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anasarca, on board was very remarkable. Many of the details
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blood through the right common iliac^ leaving the left, as far
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The passion for intoxicating liquor is often hereditary. Dr. Gall makes mention
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the lectures and Dr. Bazire's special studies afford explanation
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Nussbaum's red-hot needle or with the galvano-caustic appa-
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suppressed — plunge the young woman into sexual connection, and the fruit of her
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This formula expresses all of Ambard's laws in the simplest
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" 4. This plate is formed of two superposed and quite distinct layers,
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having heard i -!ul endeavors, until too late, to heal and restore them
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of iron, causing laceration of the retina. Inflammation followed,
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months. His systolic blood-pressure was found to be over 200
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nerves in their course into the uterus, but discovers their termina-
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and may occur during the night when the patient is asleep.


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