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intellect, it only proves that the brain, though small, is well orgauized

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Bakt. 1894. — 87. Discussion on Immunity. Path. Soc. London, 1892 (Woodhead,

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over the affected muscles all the time. In this way children may bear

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lute alcohol until a precipitate was obtained. This precipitate was

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result in delayed convalescence or fatal exhaustion.

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not by mere spa treatment. This applies as well to acquired as to

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enclosing non-motile bacteria, are they not capable of contracting and

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" gout " is often complicated with other affections, and differs so widely

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good health, until two years previously, when a small scirrhous tumor

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endowed with fuller irritant properties, or the constitutional resistance is

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whole becomes a cloudy, sticky fluid. After a time the growth sinks to

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A CONSIDERABLE number of works has been published on the treat-

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their hands in solutions of chloride of lime after handling infective

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a less time than five minutes. It is also stated that it requires fifteen

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methods here summarised were those used by Dr. Klein in his examination

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altered reactions the constant current also, five minutes with each. The

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to put clearly on record, that as a disease influenza has shattered

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cix. 1887, p. 176.— 5. Soudakewitch. Ann. de I' Inst. Pasteur, v. 1891, p. 545. — 6.

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slow in biting, a little milk may be placed on the patient's skin, which

valacyclovir valcyte

Raynaud's Disease is a local asphyxia which is often followed by


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