Is there a Green Coffee Bean Scam?

Is There a Green Coffee Bean Scam and What is Chlorogenic Acid?

Green Coffee Bean Extract Scam Green Coffee Bean Scam

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If you checked out the previous show of Dr. Oz that highlighted Lindsey Duncan, ND, CN, you observed Lindsey talk on the benefits of green coffee bean extract and its weight loss benefits. As you can imagine, before the tv show had even ended, men and women were already on the internet, seeking furiously for much more facts on green coffee bean extract and where they could discover this astounding item.  But is it really just a green coffee bean scam?

A celebrity nutritionist and alternative health specialist, Lindsey Duncan has over 28 years of clinical working experience. As a nutritionist, Lindsey much more often than not suggests the classic method of eating a healthy, wholesome, well-balanced diet and exercise program to get rid of extra body fat. Nevertheless, recent research on green coffee bean extract and it’s outstanding benefits has had him re-thinking his stance and recognize on national TV that there is no green coffee bean scam.

No Green Coffee Bean Scam

The research was the result of news at the 243rd National Meeting & Exposition of the American Chemical Society (ACS), where experts unveiled a astonishing finding coming from a weight loss study that demonstrated how that an extract from green (unroasted) coffee beans led to considerable weight loss in obese individuals in a short time period. With the final results of this brand new research showing that green coffee bean extract can help people shed pounds with out changing their regular routine, this has Lindsey extending his options for helping everyday people lose weight. Both he and Dr. Oz are both promoting a nutritional supplement to help boost the number of pounds shed with out changing your ordinary program.  They are convinced that it is not just a green coffee bean scam!

Green Coffee Bean Scam Green Coffee Bean Extract

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Unlike a traditional cup of cofee, which contains at least 100 mg of caffeine, green coffee bean extract consists of only 20 mg per serving and consequently does not generate that anxious and jittery sensation like large quantities regular coffee or other diet supplements that contains caffine. Instead, the green coffee bean extract uses a different active ingredient called chlorogenic acid, which functions to hinder the release of glucose in the body and raises the metabolic process in the liver.

More than a Green Coffee Bean Scam – Contains chlorogenic acid

If you’re wondering if you could get chlorogenic acid through drinking a mug of coffee, I am sad to say that, no, you are unable to. Unfortunately, the procedure of roasting the coffee beans actually destroys the active compound. As a result, you must extract the chlorogenic acid when the beans are unprocessed – prior to when the beans are roasted.

Don’t Fall For a Green Coffee Bean Scam – Get REAL Green Coffee Bean Extract with Chlorogenic Acid Now

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