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circulating in the blood. We aim here to accomplish precisely the
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protein and .5 fat; fresh salmon, 19.9 protein and 7.4 fat;
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bers of the family. My method of overcoming this is very simple.
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more rare disease than it was formerly, say forty years ago.
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the initial stage it must be restricted to liquid nourishment (milk, animal
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symptoms detailed above, the presence of a blowing systolic murmur
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the aft'eeted parts, thus shortening by a considerable number of
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Myocarditis is somewhat more common. The sudden development of
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fully illustrated. Phi)adel|ihia and i.oinlon: \V. H. .Saunders
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been mentioned for alcohol — at first in moderate-sized doses, to be in-
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rarely took up a knife for anything; and should a case for
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W. Stelwagon, Duhring, and others, is now well known. The
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high (103° to 104° F.— 40° C), or it may be only slightly elevated even
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is also readily recognized, but that friction during the bath or a pres-
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ished four times, the increase averaging fourteen millimetres. The
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some support from the Avell-known fact that water taken from stagnant
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here stated, is useful. The abstraction of heat may be guarded against
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to 75°; duration, five to eight hours (in one case eighteen hours), with
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rod, from 2 // to 4 jx long, motile and ciliated ; it decolorizes by Gram's
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fever (8), lobar pneumonia (5), jaundice (5), and dysentery (4). The
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are greatly enlarged the affection may bear a striking resemblance to
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may be true, that every poison thus generated by an organic
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of this work and which must again be emphasized, because of the sin-
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not only macroscopically, but also microscopically and bacteriologically.
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less left the intestinal tract and is swarming in the spleen, the
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had been imported from Northern India. The mortality in the former
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important position in the practice of medicine, surgery and
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fibrils could also be aroused by other stimuli, such as strong salt baths,
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mucous membrane and as a primary disease — " rhinitis fibrinosis " — which
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Cox's yard at Ninth and Spruce Streets, Philadelphia. Dr.
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