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spleen and certain other clinical phenomena occurring as a
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thetic manner in which he had habitually carried out his duties ; this had
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the dry cough, were all common enough from some sudden
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not so important as the medical, but interesting papers are
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reasonable ground for supposing that any such nuisance
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insufficient, whilst otliers are clearly entirely erroneous. We
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Britain and Ireland now equal the whole annual public ex-
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bring him to see that unreasoning military prejudice alone
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The essential preparations were (1) a sulphur and vaseline
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Huddersfield (50.0), Hipperholme (20.0), Southhampton (25.0),
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generously makes exception for unusually capable men not
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post. It is contemplated to erect an additional asylum for
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stance or in form. Whatever reason of political expediency
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Zoology-Sydney J. Hickson, D.Sc, M.A, and Professor E. Ray Lankester,
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£40 per annum, with board, lodging, and washing. Applications to
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existing complications that must render absorption probable.
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H. J. Prangley, .Vnerley; Dr. F. L. Phillips, Birmingham; Mr. C. E.
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Although, I regret to say, following the lead of his teachers,
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examining again, menstruation then having ceased about ten days, and
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taking their place among the members of other learned pro-
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any support at all. There has been no sign of any recurrence,
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to be very complicated, but the author has conducted a series


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