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early in our patient, but later gloom and melancholy
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1)eing reduced to figures, as a number of the Board of
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very thin-soled and rather worn shoes. Came down with
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one of latent ulcer of the stomach followed by cica-
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cyst and large dermoid cyst, both of which he had re-
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Mass., on Thursday, May |21, 1903, at 7.30 p.m. The meeting
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Because of repeated attacks of synovitis an operation
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duce a half-hearted immunity ; injection of tuberculin
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■•^(iidying the appearance of malaria along the
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is nothing but an intoxication due to chemical altera-
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Hull 17.5, Cardirt 17.8. Uhondda 18.;{. Merthyr Tydfil 21.8,
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Mosquitoes. As intermediate hosts of malaria, 8^; efforts to abate the
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of autopsies it is concluded that lesions characteris-
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of urine. The general sediment contains practically
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habit of ordering " pints of porter" and other sti-
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12, erysipelas 8, puerperal fever 9, measles 6, typhoid fever 58,
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Manchester 19.3, Salford 17.5, Bradford is.i>, Leeds 15.6, Hull
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sis. He referred to the necessity of diagnosis from
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digital compression are that no apparatus is neces-
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of the clavicle were resected with a chain saw. The
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testimony go in, I think, is too far-reaching, because it
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undertaker had already partially embalmed the body,
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rise, which was not followed by a fall. This supports
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circles by which they are marked,in the defined border,
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in the sense in which that term is commonly understood,
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succinct statement of these alterations, the article
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revised by the Association, and which virtually will
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the ring were brought together transversely by braided
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occasional individuals of one country publish their
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tral horn cells showed no patliological alteration. No
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centrations used and inferior to 1 : 1000 corrosive
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the presence of a few anchylostomes in the intestine
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but so far as we know legal action has not hitherto
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20. Max Glogner: Ucber Immunilat gegen Malaria. Archiv. f.
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lera, was nitrous acid, given, in proportion to the age
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the Board of Trustees of this college, and was for some
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General Surgery. Written for Students and Practitioners. By
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rhe world is awake to the great discoveries recently
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Simple section of the inner side will give a longer
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portion," for it should not be, I think, larger than


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