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Concerning the coagulation of the blood, so admirably illus-

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tiously as not to hurt the lungs ; and, having blown into it, I

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When walking the elbow is at once bent and slightly

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as presentations and analyses of newer therapeutic efforts in Pediatrics

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remaining so for about a week. During the past fortnight,

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' Researches, Physiol, and Anat. vol. ii, p. 49, 8vo, London, 1839.

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of resting pulse rate. The authors also found that combina-

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with legislation, third parties, professional liability, environ-

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as of component societies, cooperating agencies, county

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most striking in its onset and its rapidity of the destructive

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1383 years. Early marriage does not appear to exert any appreciable

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the ambulatory level than in the hospital. The primary care

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physician to fulfill his personal commitment to this endeavor

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The 34 member commission is to recommend to the Governor a

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These 10 percent of cancer cases still result in approxi-

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due to toxaemia from feculent reabsorption. There is now no

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