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Ophthalmological JRevieiv, besides contributions to the medical

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rfii.rplaced on the part of the Colleges of Edinburgh, Dr. Hardwicke being

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tensive microscopical demonstration of preparations showing the para-

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this institution met on February 22nd, under the presidency

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scarlet fever, since the latter reaches its seasonal maximum

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The seventh congress of French surgeons held its opening

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The electrical examination can very incomplete in

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albumin, yielding nuclein on gastric digestion. The solu-

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Here I would again go back to micro-chemistry, and ask

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the salary of District Medical officer will lie £1.5, with usual extra

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acquainted witli the elements of hygiene themselves, nor have they had

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or fiislocation of clavicle, liumerus, or bones of forearm. This was sub-

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known. The absorption of tlje ligature had been authenti-

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atic glands could be felt enlarged. A microscopical examina-

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having been said to have had previously a mild attack of

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extreme cold gives rise to languor, lowering of the sensibility,

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The Queen, says Hearth and Iltyrnc, is an expert and indefatigable knitter.

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lence to be reached in October, it still remains to be explained

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I'hinolith into the pharynx, I suppose ; anyhow, I saw no

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and whooping-cough taken singly. Apart from vaccination, he said that

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though, for the most part, this was to be regarded as coinci-

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when the substance is prepared according to Wooldridge's

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tion. The thymus was large, firmly bound down to the

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tomed to the free use of spirits apparently succumb to much

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comma bacilli which are living in the small intestine in great

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Mayor, at the Mansion House on Saturday last. Invitations

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