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into exceedingly small twigs, which are distributed to every

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percent in white males, 42 percent in nonwhite males, and

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condition." It was based on the absence of any definite signs

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Ascorbic acid was given orally every four hours in doses

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I put him under a bell jar with other frogs, the prussic acid he

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these branches, there is another set, deeper seated, which ac-

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destroy vegetative cells of C. perfringens. Or, cut the meat

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support. ,Cost benefit to rural urban community (abstract). Circula-

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the blood in being fixed or coagulated by heat ; but the degree

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was found uncoagulated thirteen hours after death. And

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ticipation is required. Members are free to use any plan for

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The left knee was much enlarged owing to a great increase

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only taken, found breeding among rocks in ravine C with other species in

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received. Due to the interest shown by the membership, it was

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blood varies in capillaries: warm perfusions increased the

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of pain fiber innervation. Even the tendency of psychogenic

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c.c. abs. ale. per grm. (5) Boil 15 min. in a water bath.^ (6) Filter through

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eft foot. — The anterior tarsal bones were enlarged, and

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foot ; the fingers of the right hand are in constant movement,

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rocks. Both are in deep shade. Neither pool contained larvae during

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and more. He came to the conclusion that there is a tendency for the

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Teacher ^^ declaring that the new theory had been proved in

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Board of Trustees to actively project to the State Legislators

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is a frequent event, while the tumor is a relatively rare one.

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Journal of Medicine published an article which voiced these

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continuous medical supervision can identify health risks to

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When the blood-corpuscle of mammalia is deprived of its colouring

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man. The number of days involved in these tasks are prodi-

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Meeting of the International Medical Congress, held

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examination to assess the breadth and depth of the candi-

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the inner side of the foot lead down to the joint. Move-

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A3*142. — (1) Leave^ the living organisms in contact with a sensitizing

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1868 Andeeson, Johk Foed, M.D., 1, Buckland Crescent,

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toward informing the public, our patients, of the visible and

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represented many different castes and liut's, and were drawn from all

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28. Holford FD, Methoefer JC: Cardiac arrhythmias in hospital-

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of alcohol), and the solution was cooled down to 6°-7° C. and quickly

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ment to duty. (Par. 7, S. O., 21 1 , A. G. O., Septem-


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