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the writer finds that appendicitis easily heads the list, with hernia

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facts of comparative physiology and insisting on their distinction from

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more study and time spent upon these cases is necessary to

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He concludes with the following statement as to the procedures to be adopted

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orifice, or may extend outward upon the surrounding tissue.

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The Ganglion Cells of the Dermis, Embedded in the ectal

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go autolysis and will be finally taken care of and discharged through a

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Of course, the greatest field for vaccines of all kinds is in

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'as to either the temperature or quantity of enema to be employed,

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that some surgical procedure would have to be resorted to.

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there were at stake and might be lost, all the advances that have been

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Caesarean section was performed by Sanger, in accordance with his method

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the abdominal wound are parallel ; its opposite surfaces are united by deep

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in cases which have been treated by this old method of not correcting the

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6. These severe cases in which there is an increase of the secretion of

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acid for nearly two years, until the ear had ceased to secrete pus. In the

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opportunity to pay back some of the blows given the medical

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forty-eight hours. The complexion rapidly improved as a result

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and abdominal muscles the bowels are rearranged, as it were, and made to

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of an early albuminuria can be absolutely excluded. Henoch has seen this

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pedites the resolution? That is one of the things I would like to get

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Cases 6 and 7 by Wharton Sinkler, and Case 8 by M. Bacon, have already

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been taken early so that there was probably little if any infection

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follows: 1. In over one-fourth of the specimens the lamellae were clearly

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but because it has been so willingly given is no justification for

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said with great delicacy, because of the sacredness of the sub-

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clude (A) Propaganda, (B) Legislation, (C) Membership. Under

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some of the softened cancerous material has escaped into the lumenof the vessel. [X 12.

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losing his very independence, compelling him to be subservient to

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In this, as in other forms of meningitis, it is necessary to reduce pyrexia :

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The ascensional force of air streaming from the ground has been shown

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of any age up to seven is better off with about one egg every other

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while they may be increased by bacterial invasions, may, never^

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