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(hemiopia periodical). The most frequent disorder of sight is an ainbly-
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TREATMENT. Whenever from the existence of disease of the spinal
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of the throat, including the tonsils, soft palate, and uvula, may occur in
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distended crypt remains, which soon becomes narrow. More rarely
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DEFINITION. A peculiar form of confusional insanity produced by
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ftdly prottooBGed, w^^ afctadEed wkh the disease before readuBg
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were obtained from the skin, from lymph-glands, and from tuberculoid
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of travel. Not only did the disease- wave follow watercourses, but rail-
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wrist-drop, due to a local absorption of lead, in an artisan whose hand
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well rubbed in. Great care should be taken to prevent deformities by
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tures during anaesthesia are present organic degeneration of the spinal
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irregular spastic contractions, and partial paralysis. There is no specific
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or of the nerve apparatus to which the muscle is tributary ; or it may
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action for a few minutes, when the condition remains unchanged, the
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disease, but they are only accidental complications.
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pulmonary inflammations ; but experience has abundantly demonstrated
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or in the wall of the heart, which between them is of a red color. The
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is free from contents. Among the anthelmintics the oleoresin of male
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The peripheral nerves are usually found altered, suffering from paren-
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formation of pus in various parts of the body. Hence suppurative
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grand mal but also the petit mal. In our experience reflex epileptic con-
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the characteristics of the urine of fibrous nephritis.
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The necessity for aspiration is greater than its danger, although there
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The goitre may be small or absent, and exophthalmos is usually of late
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PROGNOSIS. Since amyloid degeneration usually represents a late
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The one remedy that is useful is silver nitrate. Its action is purely
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in pleurisy. The presence of bile-pigment would favor the subphrenic
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Various systematic writers state that there is no increase of the excretion
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centuated, are sometimes feeble, and systolic murmurs may be heard at
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lungs or in limited portions of them. It occurs under a variety of condi-
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a sound or tube passes freely, but the tip does not move about as readily
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compensation in the last stage of fibrous nephritis simulates that present
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excellent results are obtained by following the course of saline waters
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There are so many cases of deranged hepatic function associated
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dose shall be taken from eight to ten and the last dose from four to
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vated by faecal retention and partly because there is reason for believing
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The non-medicinal treatment of the acute paroxysms of gout consists
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tered by the mouth, but not hypodermically, at least with any freedom,
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referred to the region of the symphysis pubis, but may extend to the
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COMPLICATIONS. The complications occurring in diphtheria are both
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peritonitis. The quantity of albumin present is approximately deter-


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