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the country (in caae of fire, etc.) because of her phobia.
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tion of the os humeri, filled with the fluid above named,
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when it is seen that both were found together in 54«3 per cent, of all the
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parent, and a healthy child in existence, and assurances of no
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2. Concentrated air pressure is advocated by Raynaud, Williams,
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attacks of Adams-Stokes disease. The necropsy showed a lobulated tumour
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rally was more comfortable, as he seemed to recognize those
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is amlodipine besylate a generic for norvasc
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the foetal organs presented pathological lesions. W. B.
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or pharyngeal infection ; (4) slight enlargement of spleen, liver, and glands,
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were found to be virulent, in doses of 1, 2, and 3 of a broth culture,
telmisartan amlodipine besylate uses
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by an attack of pernicious malaria and manifested by periostitis localized in
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due to other cerebral tubercles ; no necropsy was obtained.
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are on record as bearing on the cerebral pathology.
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Fleischner, F. Ein Fall von Morbus Basedowi, verschlectert durch Ront-
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equivalent to the fate of glycerol and the fatty acids, that the
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sucrees. [Effect of intravenous sugar injections.] J. de physiol. et de path,
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take their rise. It in truth appears to form a reservoir of materials
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relief from the conditions of fetid bronchitis and bronchiectasis,
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to see the eft'ect of the upright position, the character of the peri-
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stool, nor passed any water since the accident. Pulse 98, with
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Experiments were made on very young laboratory animals such as
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there is little likelihood that digestion, as ordinarily understood, can
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twitch obtained by direct stimulation of the motor nerve 0-09 second, and
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strable in the blood. Some are pale, others more or less pigmented.
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and De Laulerie, Guillain and Lechelle (1), Levy, De Laroche, Salvetti,
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In his new book, Mr. McDonagh champions the cause of clinical
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Stewart, G. W. The pulmonary circulation-time, the quantity of blood
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painter, and was attacked with colic ending in enteritis, and
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reaktion. I. und II. Mitteilungen. [The nature of the diazo-reaction cf
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there conflicting results. In every case in which there was definite allergy
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" the patient" may " make water with a stream, and discharge
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cholesterin disappearing within 48 hours. Neutral fats disappeared more
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a spontaneous decrease of cancer epithelium has been definitely proved as
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of the foetus, as they seem to have no effect in compensating for the
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irregular periodicity. The portion of chart reproduced shows two febrile periods


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