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set. The average duration in the last 500 cases of this series was 29.4 days

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cytosis is not likely to be marked. As a rule the differential count shows

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this included only a determination of the organism in the local lesions,

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does not shorten, it is certain that the tube is in the larynx. After becoming

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"Water at a moderate degree of heat — what is termed

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the latter is applicable. Carbolic acid can, however, be used

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careful disinfection of the urine and faeces, which may be done in the same

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shortening the duration. The peasants in Southern Germany have a saying

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D. A. Russell, Wyoming, at an altitude of 6,195 feet, during the last thirty-

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be deduced: (1) If the agglutination reaction quickly increases in intensity

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unfavorable factors. No doubt the cases which make up the

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due to toxaemia. The local lesion may be slight and easily overlooked in the

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Incubation. — There is a marked difference in opinion regarding the in-

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purely toxic effects, independent of actual infection, are obtainable in

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pentoxifylline (trental) for intermittent claudication

the epithelial cells of the epidermis to the belief that the bodies might be

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ment of the Boston City Hospital during the past nine years.

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Variations Depending on Condition, Race and Age.— Condition. —

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recently reviewed the subject. They may be divided into tAvo groups, A

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SA-mptoms in young dogs. In the following year Cohn and Neumann de-

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having a headache about two weeks after exposure to the disease, but was

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infectious diseases. These gases do, however, occasion in-

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Grant, Frank S., M.D., On Overweights in whom the Ab-

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and an alcoholic stimulant administered. If the temperature is high and

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with the formation of necrotic ulcers in the intestine. Clinically it is char-

trental vitamin e for radiation-induced fibrosis

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muscular movements may be a cause, but of the influence of peristalsis it is

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applicant attempts to deceive the examiner. But I am

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margin of the advancing inflammation, while beyond the confines of the


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