Difference Between Prilosec And Prevacid


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cially the left, and decided weakness of both legs,

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discharge, a scaly eruption had made its appearance on the scrotum.

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medical man — "researcher" or practitioner — who

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these cases we must, instead, resort to all means at

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us in the general similitude of character in all of them. But

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half hour for six or eight doses, followed by a mild

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The efifect of effusion is open to discussion. Cer-

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fever. The pulse is also slow, in proportion to the

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the best opportunity for investigating the extent of

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difference between prilosec and prevacid

forward and arched both in a longitudinal and transverse direction;

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I think we may infer that these wounds, though very dangerous,

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her recovery is also of interest. She had no mental

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ing, a sense of fullness, pressure, pain, diarrhea,

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dered turbid by the addition of carbonate of potash.

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District No. i, 43.-? Tremont Building, Boston, Mass.


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